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2019-06-18 13:01:28
2 Things to Know about Home Inspections

While a home inspection report is vital before purchasing an older home, experts agree that even newer homes should be checked.Not only will the report help you learn about repairs that should be made immediately, it’s a handy reference guide to keep on-hand throughout the time you live in the home.

Because there are so many aspects to a professional home inspection, many first-time homebuyers know little about the process. We’ve chosen two aspects that we find most of our buyers don’t know a thing about.

1. Report Format

Professional home inspectors use different formats when detailing information about the house. All reports, however, should contain several common features:

  • A description, in detail, of the condition of the home’s major systems.
  • A list of items that require immediate repair.
  • A list of general maintenance items.
  • Photographs.

Ask inspectors that you interview to supply you with a sample report. Ensure that the above items are included and that the inspector not only lists what’s wrong, but why it’s a problem and what should be done to remedy it.

2. Choosing an Inspector

Choose your home inspector carefully, as any mistakes made will cost you money. At the same time, keep in mind that the home inspector performs a visual survey. He will not tear up walls or floors to look for problems. A professionally trained inspector, however, knows what to look for and can spot warning signs.

The price you pay for a professional home inspection during the home purchase process is worth every cent. Use due diligence and hire the most experienced, professional home inspector in your area and complete your home purchase with confidence.

Where will you find this super-sleuth? Ask everyone you know, including your real estate agent.

By the way, it’s a good idea to tag along with the inspector during the inspection. This way you can ask questions while on site, rather than later, after looking at a report. Most inspectors welcome a “ride along” with the potential homeowner.

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