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2019-08-21 17:44:05
Some Kitchen Mistakes Can Sink a Sale
Most buyers focus on a home’s kitchen, and “I hate it” coupled with “We can’t afford to remodel” can sink a sale. But some easy fixes could help minimize problems.

Designers recently shared a list of items that could subtly sabotage a kitchen’s attractiveness:

  1. Fluorescent lighting
    “Nothing screams ‘cheap kitchen’ more than outdated fluorescent tube lighting with a yellowing plastic cover.  Swapping out bad lighting for a budget-friendly chandelier or pendant lights can make a big difference. Or, try a small table lamp on the kitchen counter to soften the light, and remove any curtain valances from the window to allow more natural light in, suggests Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP.
  1. Overcrowded counters
    Clutter is the enemy when you go to sell a home, and that means piles of old mail or several small appliances sitting on top of countertops. Keeping anything up there, like teapots or dried flowers, is a dated way to decorate a kitchen. Remove rows of planters, baskets that line the top of kitchen cabinets, and any knickknacks on the countertop.
  1. Dated drawer knobs
    Chipped or scratched drawer knobs or pulls can make a kitchen look unkempt. However, this can be an inexpensive DIY project that provides an instant update. Think of them as jewelry for the space.
  1. Faux plants
    Fake plants can cheapen a kitchen’s look, too. Remove the artificial potted ivy at the top of the refrigerator or row of faux greenery at the top of the kitchen cabinets. Instead, have a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen island, or place a few potted herbs along the kitchen windowsill for a real touch of greenery.
  1. Unsightly trash cans
    Plastic anything needs to be removed, designers say – especially that free-standing plastic trash can on the floor. If it needs to be left out, swap it out for a trash can made of metal. It’ll offer a more polished look to the kitchen. Better yet, go for a model that will fit in a closet or pantry, or install a cabinet unit that offers the slide-out trash can feature.

Source: “‘Does My Kitchen Look Cheap?’ 8 Things That Are Sabotaging Your Style,” realtor.com® (July 19, 2019)

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